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Book 5 in the series

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Publication date: 18.07.2013
ISBN: 9780230772021
Number of pages: 0


She thought she'd seen the back of the Delaneys. How wrong could she be . . .

Ruthless is the fifth book in the compelling Annie Carter series by hit crime writer Jessie Keane.

Annie Carter should have demanded to see their bodies lying on a slab in the morgue, but she really believed the Delaney twins were gone from her life for good.

Now sinister things are happening around her and Annie Carter is led to one terrifying conclusion: her bitter enemies, the Delaney twins, didn't die all those years ago. They're back and they want her, and her family, dead.

This isn't the first time someone has made an attempt on her life,yet she's determined to make it the last. Nobody threatens Annie Carter and lives to tell the tale . . .

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Gritty and powerful, Martina Cole fans will love this addictive novel
I loved the characters, they were very realistic, believable and I enjoyed their storylines. Annie Carter is a fantastic lead and I really enjoyed reading about her, I liked that Annie was fierce and determined. Also, Annie's relationship with Max was so fascinating to read about, that in itself was very compelling and gripping. Ruthless is fast-paced and thrilling with the right amount of tension and suspense, so I was kept turning the pages keen to find out how things would finish.
Ruthless is the latest in the fast-moving Annie Carter series and is just as good, if not better, than its forerunners. If you like a good, light read on the seedy side of life, you won't be disappointed.
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