Released on 16 November 2017.

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Record of Sin

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From the bestselling author of The Inspector Lloyd and Sergeant Hill Series...

Alan Blake's dead body is discovered at the bottom of a quarry. Above him, a group of people gather in the gloom near his abandoned Mercedes. They're all people whose lives he has touched, but only one of them knows that they're free at last from his blackmailing and bullying now.

Or are they? It seems that from the grave Alan Blake’s influence is still real enough. Real enough to frighten Frankie, who was never afraid of him in life – real enough to set at each other’s throats people who love each other. And it 's red-headed , fighting Frankie, at odds with the world, who takes it all on her insubstantial shoulders, determined that Alan will hurt no-one else.

But the eighth deadly sin, that of omission, is one shared by each of the people in the little frightened group at the edge of the pit.