Released on 01 May 2009.

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7-Day Energy Surge

Get ready to feel your energy levels rise ... starting now!

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In this book, celebrity personal trainer Jim Karas will show you how you can achange your bad habits and get on the road to increasing your energy levels in just one week! He offers a variety of strategies to prove that you can stop the downward slope of energy loss and get back on the right track starting with just one minute a day - and feel truly energized for life.

His customized plan will tell you:

* what to eat and drink for optimum energy

* the best forms of exercise to improve your energy levels

* how to sleep better to feel rejuvenated

* how to tune your mind to produce a 'positive energy mindset'

This programme will help you lose weight, look fantastic, stall the ageing process, have great sex and feel better than you have ever felt before.