Released on 19 April 2018.

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The Five-Minute Marriage

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Delphie Carte delves into her dark family history in Joan Aiken’s stunning regency drama, The Five Minute Marriage.

Delphie has been disinherited from her family’s life of luxury and wealth, so as her mother gets more and more ill she has no choice but to seek help from faraway relatives. However when she arrives at the family’s grand house she discovers part of their fortune is rightfully hers, and the only way to obtain her inheritance is through a sham marriage to her cousin.

Unknowingly Delphie had tangled herself in a web of family rivalry and deceit which goes back for generations. Her family history offers nothing but shocks and threats, endangering the lives of everyone Delphie loves . . .

Joan Aiken has woven together an enchanting plot of romance and rivalry that will grip readers till the very end. Fans of Georgette Hayer should definitely make this novel their next read.