The Girl from Paris

Joan Aiken

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19 April 2018
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An elegant Victorian young lady educated at a familiar sounding boarding school in Brussels (think Charlotte Bronte's Villette) and now A Girl From Paris, Ellen Paget is on a (never ending) journey of romantic adventure - often attracting the wrong kind of admiration - in the third and final of Joan Aiken’s regency dramas.

Twenty-one-year old Ellen is an intelligent and spirited heroine, whisked away from her teaching profession and unsuitable romance in Brussels by her godmother to become a governess in the household of a grand Parisian Comte.

But as the Count's family tensions and their literary salon scene (think George Sand and Baudelaire) are reaching sinister heights, Ellen finds gothic entanglements in the schemes of her brutal father back home in The Hermitage. She must now extract herself from all these ties and discover who her true friends are, in order to find her own happiness.

Joan Aiken plunges into the hearts of two contrasting families in this dark and romantic adventure.

Aiken fans will find this a lively smorgasbord of un-frilly period entanglements, with its feminist resonances, no-nonsense tone and offbeat panache

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She has the unmistakable whiff of success

Violet Grant - Daily Telegraph

One of those authentic storytellers who can make you gasp

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