The Smile of the Stranger

Joan Aiken

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19 April 2018
0 pages

Strong, subversive heroine Juliana Paget is forced to flee from her Italian home during the French Revolution in the first of Joan Aiken’s romantic regency adventures, The Smile of a Stranger.

Escaping from the horrors of revolutionary France, seventeen year old Juliana embarks on a wild and dangerous journey, crossing the channel in a hot air balloon to the supposed safety of English soil. But what awaits her is far from harmless: an evil aunt, a dangerous prospective husband, and a threatening presence from her past . . .

Aiken’s plucky but disarmingly innocent heroine must learn to tell truth from fiction in this gripping romantic adventure.

The Smile of a Stranger is a slightly madcap Regency romance. It comes the closest to fulfilling my wish for more Heyer books than anything else I’ve read


Another top-notch confection from a first-class pastry cook!

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One of those authentic storytellers who can make you gasp

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