Released on 19 April 2018.

#2 in series
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The Weeping Ash

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Two intertwining adventures – one of English drama and one of Indian conflict – both meet at the Paget family home in the second of Joan Aiken’s romantic regency adventures, The Weeping Ash.

Juliana Paget kindly lends The Hermitage Estate to her widowed cousin and his new wife Fanny – on one condition – that if her other missing cousins are found they must be welcomed in. Little did Juliana know that cousin Thomas is a tyrant who torments his stoic wife, entrapping her in the beautiful Paget house.

Thousands of miles away in India, twin Paget cousins are fleeing for their lives after the death of the old Maharaja has brought in new power. They journey by foot, camel, raft and sail across Kafiristan, Afghanistan, Persia, and Turkey before finally arriving at The Hermitage Estate.

But the adventure does not stop here. A dark and explosive confrontation awaits the Pagets in this thrilling romantic adventure.