Released on 01 January 2015.

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Balsamic Dreams

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How did a generation that started out at Woodstock and Monterey Pop Concert end up at Crate & Barrel? How did a generation that promised to 'teach its children well' end up with progeny so evil they could give that kid from The Omen a run for his money? This is vintage Queenan tirade chronicling the evolution of his own Baby Boomer generation. In this hilarious work of social commentary, professional iconoclast Queenan shows how a generation with so much promise lost its way by confusing pop culture with culture and mistaking lifestyle for life.

‘Queenan skewers the vanity of the unexamined mind every time … [his] targets may be American, but he hits them with all the alluringly familiar accuracy and rage of Kingsley Amis or Auberon Waugh. Oh for more like them – and him.’ Sunday Telegraph, Seven

'A hilarious and trenchantly accusatory dismissal of a generation's underachievement, self-importance and refusal to grow up.' Metro Life

'Balsamic Dreams makes for a diverting and often amusing read' Ireland on Sunday

'This book reads like an extended stand-up routine' Mail on Sunday