Released on 01 January 2010.

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Michael and Kieran are twins, only you wouldn't know it. Amid the pressures of a sprawling family, it's Kieran's desires and glittering results that invariably fall in with what their parents demand. Michael, though, is lost. His brother is about to snare the one girl he has ever wanted. But Saleema is more complicated than either of them could ever have imagined, and the relationship has startling consequences.

When teenaged Yasmin arrives on Michael's doorstep after fifteen lost years, she is full of anger and burning questions. She's his brother's only child - but how can Kieran be her father?

Set between a stifling summer in Kilross, Ireland; the Brighton bombings of 1984; and the hopeless London winter of 1997 with the looming invasion of Iraq, Besotted is a bold novel of passion, religion and politics. It is about the dark twists of families, the seduction of belonging, the pressures of mythology, and the violence - both intimate and international - that permeates even the quietest of lives.

Praise for The Male Gaze: 'Scorching. Dark and sad, but equally smart and funny' Elle