Displaced Persons

John Buxton Hilton

09 August 2012
186 pages


‘They know her as Jacqueline Fernet—and she’s in trouble. And the Examining Magistrate has apparently unearthed a connection with British Wartime Intelligence. Your name has cropped up, and he’d like to talk to you about it.’

Retired Superintendent Kenworthy would never have recognized his wartime acquaintance Marie-Thérèse in the ageing woman found near a murdered man with three-quarters of a million francs in her possession. But he could identify the man. He had been Kenworthy’s superior officer in an advance detachment of British troops during the 1944 thrust through the Low Countries. Marie-Thérèse had been something of a camp-follower and mascot, and Kenworthy learned that other wartime associates had kept in touch with her. Why? Was it blackmail? Marie-Thérèse had been suspected of it before. But who directed her? And who was their victim?