The Innocents at Home

John Buxton Hilton

13 September 2012
184 pages


The rural town of St. Botolph’s Fen End may have a pervert in their midst. Did Henry Gower, the very enthusiastic schoolteacher, carry the demonstrations in his sex education classes just a little too far? So claim four “innocent” schoolgirls. But the weakest of the four buckles and confesses to her parents that they made the story up—but why? Was it boredom, revenge, or just a pure evil in the leader of the group? After all, she’s been seen consulting the town’s ancient herbalist, a local witch of sorts.

But when Henry Gower’s body is found mangled in a pond, the unanswered questions grow even more complex. Only Superintendent Simon Kenworthy, with the help of the sexy but hard-nosed young cop Polly Parrott, can sort through the slander and find the true murderer.