The Nostradamus Traitor

John Gardner

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25 April 2013
322 pages

Into the cauldron of war went the Nostradamus operation . . . out of it came an even deadlier threat than the Nazis: The Nostradamus Traitor

Britain’s psychological warfare executive knew all about the Nazi belief in the occult. They hatched up a top secret plot to drive a rift between Himmler’s SS and the Wehrmacht by infilitrating phony Nostradamus quatrains into Germany. Thirty years later then unbelievable truth began to trickle out: Herbie Kruger of British Intelligence was given the delicate task of keeping the past well and truly buried . . .

‘A superbly crafted thriller full of startling twists and turns . . . compulsively gripping’ Daily Express

‘John Gardner has a first-rate intelligence chief in Big Herbie Kruger’ Daily Telegraph

‘John Gardner, at his best, is very good, and so he has been in his Kruger trilogy which began with the Nostradamus Traitor and ends with The Quiet Dogs. Here is a series that would surely film as effectively as Smiley’s story has done’ Marghanita Laski, The Listener