The Golden Mean

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Publication date: 10.09.2015
ISBN: 9781447253938
Number of pages: 0


After the success of Grain (shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize, poetry's most prestigious international award) John Glenday returns with The Golden Mean.

Glenday's poetry - once something of a closely guarded secret - now has many devotees, and this new book shows why: Glenday's mastery of the short translucent lyric and his unashamed and direct concern with matters of the spirit, of love, of human nature and natural law - means he can often read as a Spanish or East European poet in immaculate translation. But for all its apparently weightless and aerodynamic grace, Glenday's poetry can be playful, experimental and occasionally even surreal, and his voice local and intimate.

The Golden Mean shows Glenday's full range, and a poet at the height of his imaginative powers.