Mosley by Moonlight

John Greenwood

09 August 2012
178 pages


Strange things are happening in the remote village of Hadley Dale. Without warning, a TV crew invades the district to shoot a commercial. Without reason, tales of extra-terrestrial sightings spring up. And without a clue, Matthew Longden’s robust “housekeeper” friend disappears – in the same way his wife did five years ago.

Assigned to find the missing woman, the unpredictable Mosley bicycles through the Lancashire countryside. Side-tracked by TV mischief-makers, cricket matches, and rumours of a buried body. Mosley is stopped in his leisurely tracks by a shocking death. By prying information from the locals and raising hackles at headquarters, deceptively brilliant Mosley soon unravels an intricate tapestry of delusions, disappearances, and death to neatly tie up a most malicious murder.

‘Here is the eagerly awaited sequel to Murder, Mr Mosley, the kind of solid, sophisticated and adroitly plotted mystery that British authors do supremely well . . . A rare good time.’ Publishers Weekly

‘John Greenwood . . . makes Inspector Mosley a very real human being, one with genuine authority despite his rural ways, one who has the instincts of a bulldog and . . . and occasional bite of sardonic humor’ New York Times

John Greenwood is the pseudonym of John Buxton Hilton, writer of both the Inspector Simon Kenworthy and Inspector Thomas Brunt series.