The Modern Toss Guide to Work

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Publication date: 07.09.2007
ISBN: 9780752226606
Number of pages: 64


'So if I keep not coming in, you're going to start not paying me?'

Had enough of work already? Thought so. In which case, this brilliant little book should be kept on your desk at all times, to cheer you up at a moment's notice. Collecting together the very best work-themed jokes from the creators of Channel 4's cult comedy show Modern Toss, these gloriously rude cartoons are not for the faint-hearted ('I'm thinking of getting a woman pregnant, how much time off is it?') but they are 'very, very funny' (Independent on Sunday). Whether you've already got a job or are simply sitting about wondering what it might be like to have one, this indispensable book should be right up your flipchart. WARNING: Contains language actually used in the workplace.