Here Be Monsters

Illustrated by Poly Bernatene

Jonathan Emmett

Ages 3-5
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04 December 2014
0 pages

Fearless pirate, Captain Cut-Throat, doesn't believe in monsters. When he and his dastardly crew set sail for a treasure island, they must first pass through THE MIST and as legend tells it, THERE BE MONSTERS IN THE MIST! But as the Captain says, monsters simply don't exist. But then who or what is gobbling up the Crew?

A thrilling, swashbuckling, pirate adventure from the award-winning creators of THE PRINCESS AND THE PIG and THE SANTA TRAP.

Rollicking fun which is ideal to read aloud.

Parents in Touch

a devilishly good tale in Jonathan Emmett's wonderfully addictive rhyming verse

Blackpool Gazette