Released on 16 August 2012.

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All She Wants

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‘Laugh out loud’ Marian Keyes

‘Hugely Enjoyable’ Kathy Burke

There are some things in life you can always rely on. Living in the shadow of your ‘perfect’ brother Joey, getting the flu over Christmas, and your Mother showing you up in the supermarket.

Then there are some things you really don’t count on happening: a good dose of fame, getting completely trashed at an awards ceremony, and catching your fella doing something unmentionable on your wedding day.

This is my story, it’s dead tragic. You have been warned...



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Charming, Cheeky and Clever. Exactly what I expected from my friend Jonathan. Read it!
Jennie McAlpine
Gimme Gimme Gimme Jonathan Harvey on holiday, on the train, on the sofa, but mainly in bed. I laughed and laughed, had shocked face, then laughed again until I fell out.
Frances Barber
A hugely enjoyable debut novel featuring a heroine full of faults that you love her all the more for.
Kathy Burke