Out on 09 July 2020

Basher STEM Junior: Engineering

Illustrated by Simon Basher

Jonathan O'Callaghan

Ages 5-9
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09 July 2020
96 pages

One of four books in an exciting STEM series for younger children, STEM Junior: Engineering covers 40 topics from the core subject of engineering. Each topic is introduced as a personality who has plenty to say on the subject, while a STEM Junior character appears on each spread to introduce the big idea behind each topic. Combined with "jargon buster" panels and additional information presented in bitesize boxes, over 100 of Simon Basher's trademark illustrations bring fun, appeal, and humour to the topics. Basher's Stem Junior: Engineering will help give 7- to 9-year olds a solid foundation in the key topics that make up the core STEM subject of engineering.