Released on 12 July 2018.

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The Dead Girls

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With an introduction by Colm Tóibín

Opening with a crime of passion after a years’ long love affair has turned sour, The Dead Girls plunges into the investigation of an even darker crime.

Serafina Baladro and her sister run a successful brothel business in a small town, so successful that they begin to expand. But when business takes a turn for the worse, life in the brothel turns ugly, and slowly, girls start disappearing.

The Dead Girls is made up of testimonials from those in prison, from victims, from patrons of the brothel, and darkly and cleverly uncovers a world of crime and corruption, of the hopeless pedantry of a broken justice system, and the dark world of prostitution – the oldest profession of all.

Moving, funny, strange and uncomfortable at times, The Dead Girls conjures an extraordinary picture of a chaotic system of corruption and the landscape of central Mexico.

Winner of the Premio Casa de las Americas Prize and the Premio Mexico Prize, Jorge Ibargüengoitia is considered one of Mexico’s greatest writers.