Released on 17 May 2012.

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Jacobean Adventure

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The Queen is Dead! Long live the King!

On hearing of the death of Queen Elizabeth I, two young Scotsmen travel to London to seek their fortunes at the court of the new King, James I.

Alec Nimmo and Francis Leslie find themselves far from home, in a strange city that holds many dangers. While they learn to avoid the peril of the plague-filled streets, they are caught unaware and unprepared for the political intrigues of the royal court, and the seductive charms of an ambitious woman. If they are to survive, they must cast aside the naivety of youth and forge their own futures on their own terms. Seventeenth century London provides a colourful backdrop to their adventures, as they cross paths with the most prolific characters of the day from King James himself to Guy Fawkes and William Shakespeare.

“A vivid glimpse of the corrupt court of James I – by a born storyteller.” Irish Independent

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A vivid glimpse of the corrupt court of James I - by a born stroyteller
Irish Independent