Released on 03 May 2012.

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The Fennister Affair

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‘I cannot bear it any longer,’ the message read. ‘If you love her more than me you must want to be rid of me. I won’t stand in your way, my darling. I will simply disappear. Felicity.’

Sally Combes has just finished a temporary job as a secretary to her uncle in Bermuda. As a farewell present he arranges for her to go on a cruise round the Caribbean. It seems an ideal holiday, but the night before the ship arrives in Bermuda, Felicity Fennister, one of the passengers, suddenly disappears. At first no one seems at all anxious to discover the whereabouts of the missing woman—not even when Sally finds what looks like a suicide note. As sinister events build up into a pattern of violence, Sally is forced to realise that almost anyone on board could hold the key to the puzzle.