The Jacobean Trilogy Series

Josephine Bell

Jacobean Adventure #1 in series

Jacobean Adventure

Book 1 in the series

The Queen is Dead! Long live the King! On hearing of the death of Queen Elizabeth I, two young Scotsmen travel to London to seek their fortunes at the court of the new King, James I. Alec Nimmo and Francis Leslie find themselves far from home, in a strange city that holds many dangers. While they learn to avoid the peril of the plague-filled streets, they are caught unaware and unprepared for the political intrigues of the royal court, and the seductive charms of an ambitious woman. If they are to survive, they must cast aside the naivety of youth and forge their own futures on their own ...

Over the Seas #2 in series

Over the Seas

Book 2 in the series

The dramatic sequel to Jacobean Adventure Alec Nimmo, his life in danger, sets sail for America. By the time he reaches the New World, Alec is closely involved with three women. Katharine Leslie, the beautiful temptress, tries to turn Alec against his closest friend; Janet Macilroy, the gentle widow, desperately awaits his return to Scotland; and Polly Sugden, headstrong and reckless, who shares with Alec a life of adventure – and danger. This is a story of terrible hardship in the little settlement of James Town, Virginia – of courage, endurance and passion. Even for Nimmo, fiery and ...

The Dark and the Light #3 in series

The Dark and the Light

Book 3 in the series

The third book of her Jacobean Trilogy, Josephine Bell's The Dark and the Light follows Sir Francis Leslie, a dedicated husband, father and scholar living in Seventeenth Century Oxford. Happy with his work and family life, Leslie determines to stay as clear as possible of the dangerous political world of the Jabobean Court. But his ambitious wife Katharine has other plans. Determined to make her way in the Court by whatever means necessary, Katharine draws herself and those around her into a web of treachery, corruption and intrigue – and unwittingly sets in motion a chain of events which ...