Released on 31 May 2012.

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The Wilberforce Legacy

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Having resigned his Army commission when his brother’s criminal activities were uncovered, Benedict Wilberforce now lives on the beautiful Caribbean island of San Fernando. But his peaceful existence is rudely shattered by the arrival of two vicious and utterly ruthless men both claiming to be George Wilberforce, his brother’s son, entitled to receive his estate. By the time his niece Alison arrives for a visit, Uncle Ben has disappeared and murder has already erupted. Faced with this macabre situation, Alison is determined to remain on the island until the mystery is cleared up. An added inducement is her revived interest in Peter Grant, the young lawyer sent out from England. Superintendent Graham with the Fernandan police investigate, is helped by the two young people and by the Fernandan waiter at Uncle Ben’s hotel, who has for a long time known more than anyone else about the Wilberforce legacy.

‘Tumbledown Caribbean setting, solid puzzle and highly neat twist. Reads like taking a good walk, covering plenty of miles with lots to see.’ The Times