A Meddler and her Murder

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Publication date: 04.07.2013
ISBN: 9781447245186
Number of pages: 0


The Honourable Constance Morrison-Burke—known familiarly as the Hon. Con—having already solved one murder which left the police baffled, is hardly likely to ignore a killing which occurs practically on her own doorstep.

In a house just around the corner from the Hon. Con’s own residence in Upper Waxwing Drive, an Irish au pair girl has been murdered in her bedroom. The Hon. Con is on the scene in a flash, and despite the dissuasive efforts of her housekeeper and live-in friend, Miss Jones, as well as the local police, she remains adamant in pursuit of a solution.

With a noble disregard for other people’s feelings, the Hon. Con tramples her way across an impressive and every-changing list of suspects. Nobody, high or low, is immune from her penetrating interrogations and the working classes get mercilessly bullied as well.

The end, however, fully justifies the means when the Hon. Con passes through the portals of Totterbridge’s police station in possession of the answer to the ever-recurring question of “who done it”.