Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All

Joyce Porter

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29 August 2013
210 pages

When Mrs. Dover witnesses a young policeman’s suicide and has the bad taste to report it, Dover’s vacation ends abruptly at the seaside wasteland of Wallerton. As he sluggishly investigates the matter, an earlier case of murder and mutilation turns up as well. Suspecting that the town’s Ladies’ Club may be oddly involved, Dover devises and elaborate and utterly wicked trap. His bait: his overworked, unsuspecting assistant MacGregor.

‘The sidesplitting but cleverly plotted mysteries embroiling Dover and MacGregor start with Dover One, Dover Two, and Dover Three. Don’t miss any of them.’ Mystery Scene

‘The best thing about the cases of Chief Inspector Wilfred Dover, the oaf of Scotland Yard, is that they feature a broadly burlesqued detective but are themselves perfect models of the pure detective story. Joyce Porter has a wonderful sense of the nature and construction of a true whodunit plot, comparable to that of Agatha Christie . . . and she is at her best in Dover and the Unkindest Cut of All . . . This is the grotesque New Humor of the 1960’s poured into the strictest classic mold of the 1930’s, with the happiest of results.’ Anthony Boucher in the New York Times Book Review