Sour Cream with Everything

Joyce Porter

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18 July 2013
170 pages

Well, what would you do – if you were a bored sour-grape schoolteacher with an accessible but quite unattractive bird called Nora Schwindlingfisch and the secret service suddenly recruited you? Run like hell! But what if they won’t let you . . .

. . . not if you happen to speak fluent Russian and look the spitting image of a British spy in Russia. Before you can so much as yelp you’re trained and off on an iron-curtain mission – with a brassy, mountainous blonde called Crystal as your ‘wife’ . . .

This is the saga of reluctant-spy Brown on his hair-raising secret assignment – besieged by vast hungry women, cradled by danger, scared stiff and browned off with the whole thing . . .