In the Unlikely Event

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Publication date: 04.06.2015
ISBN: 9781509808779
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She held the baby close, feeling the warmth of his little body, kissing his soft cheek. He looked right into her eyes.
Outside the window, the wing broke away from the plane.
Then they were falling . . . falling diagonally out of the sky.

When three planes crashed in Elizabeth, New Jersey within the space of three months in the early 1950s, Newark airport was closed for a year. Each of these disasters was devastating not only for those on board, but also for the close-knit community of people on the ground. In Elizabeth, the plane crashes open up new wounds and mysteries - they bring some families together and tear others apart. But somehow, life continues - and amid grief and loss, hope and love survive.

Inspired by real events, Judy Blume uses her imagination to interweave the stories of three generations of families, friends and strangers whose lives are forever changed in the aftermath. In The Unlikely Event is a captivating, deeply moving and unforgettable novel, written with the same warmth and authenticity that have won the hearts and minds of readers the world over for decades.

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Reading In the Unlikely Event in adulthood is like reconnecting with a long-lost friend . . . The novel rivals Tolstoy or Ferrante in its number of characters, families, and . . . emotionally resonant and down-to-earth at once . . . In the Unlikely Event confronts the fact that as we grow up, the unexpected - tragedies, accidents, death, mysteries - becomes another kind of ordinary. You've been learning that on your own all these years; now, reading this, having Judy Blume guide you through it once again is deeply reassuring
The New Yorker
In The Unlikely Event is Judy Blume's first book for adults in more than 15 years and before the end of the first chapter you'll be breathing a happy sigh that the wait is over . . . Judy Blume is fantastic at assembling a cast of characters so clearly drawn that you'd recognise them in the street and so real that you care deeply about each of them after only a few lines . . . For those of us who grew up alongside Blume's beloved teenage characters, this book is a welcome homecoming
Sunday Express
Blume succeeds in capturing the condition of an entire community . . . No one captures coming-of-age milestones and stomach butterflies like Blume . . . When the story is over, it's Miri's voice - her wise observations, her surprisingly adult perspectives, and her humour - that you miss
Boston Globe