Released on 04 August 2006.

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Making Pictures

Vision, Imagination, Skills and Techniques in Photography

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Classic images are more than a photograph: you can actually 'feel' them, not just observe the subject. With today's cameras it has never been easier to take photographs that may be technically perfect. But how do you find the vision and imagination to create a great picture?

Julian Calder clearly explains how to develop an eye for a good picture, and shows you what equipment and technology can do for you - and what they cannot. Drawing on his own experience as well as tips from other photographers, he gives a subject-by-subject masterclass through 30 core pictures, analysing what went into making these definitive images. The subjects covered are classic and universal: landscape, portraits, photojournalism, buildings, food, nature, sports and much more. Making Pictures has no daunting jargon - these may be photographers' best-kept secrets but the fundamental knowledge is simple and is here for you to master.