The Pet Sitter: Parrot Pandemonium

Julie Sykes

Illustrated by Nathan Reed
Ages 6-8
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20 September 2012
96 pages

Max loves animals but his sneezy, allergic sister means no family pets. He’s so happy when he realizes he can be a pet sitter. But with every new job he takes on there’s always something a bit odd about the pet owner, which he can never put his finger on initially. Witches, fairies, goblins, mermaids – why can’t he pet sit for an ordinary pet owner?

When Pirate Captain Boom asks Max to pet sit his parrot Squawk, Max thinks he’s in for a fun ride. But Max hasn’t counted on Boom’s neighbouring pirate Becky Bones interfering. Also, Squawk loves taking the mickey, but when his latest piractical

practical joke goes wrong and their ship The Leaky Dip is cast out to sea, Max has to summon all his abilities to try and save the day. . .