Released on 01 January 2015.

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Living Next-Door to the God of Love

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Metropolis is a city of superheroes where you can become anyone you like - fight all day, party all night . . . Sankhara is a universe where everything is remade by night, according to the inhabitants’ deepest, darkest dreams . . . Koker Ai is a city of another time and space, where Intana, courtesan to the court of a decaying empire, has just discovered a warrior who cannot die . . .

Jalaeka has been many things in his short lifetime: a war captive, a prostitute, a pilgrim, a pirate, a princess in a glass coffin and a physics student at MIT. Now he’s looking for someone to make him into something that can duel a god, for the all-powerful entity which created him is coming to take him back.

Francine is a fifteen-year-old runaway, out to find a definition of love she can believe in. She finds a Palace whose rooms are made of bone, flowers and the hearts of heroes. She finds a scientist looking for the lost light of the universe. She finds herself at the centre of an unstoppable conflict that began long before she was born.