The Secret of 'The Secret'

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Runaway Bestseller

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Sidgwick & Jackson

Publication date: 23.02.2011
ISBN: 9780283071409
Number of pages: 0


The Secret is an international blockbuster, topping the bestseller lists around the world. Now in The Secret of 'The Secret' Karen Kelly delves into this extraordinary phenomenon. What is the secret? Where did it come from and does it really work? She also investigates why this little book has struck such a chord. Why are we drawn to seek answers and change our destiny using the power of the mind and the universe? Scholars and popular culture experts provide perspective on what makes the idea so appealing.

Several participants from The Secret share their behind-the-scenes stories and insights. Renowned psychologists, scientists and theologians weigh in on the power and limits of positive thinking and the Law of Attraction (the basis behind The Secret). Uncover the scientific and religious roots that form the building blocks of The Secret as experts evaluate the author's claims about the various connections between these principles and 'the Secret'.