Out on 24 October 2024

How to Winter

Kari Ventures LLC

24 October 2024
256 pages


Do you struggle to stay positive in winter?

Do you dread the long nights and dark skies that come with autumn's clock change?

Do you find endless grey skies, drizzle and cold difficult to deal with?

Nobody can change the weather, but Dr. Kari Leibowitz's groundbreaking How to Winter will help you dramatically shift how you feel about the darkest and coldest of the seasons. Leibowitz is the world's foremost winter psychology mindset expert, and in How to Winter she sets out evidence-based strategies to help you learn not only to accept the chillier months, but even to embrace them.

Drawing on her extensive PhD research, and insight from cultures around the world, Leibowitz offers practical, easy-to-follow advice for transforming your experience of wintertime. What's more, she sets out how techniques used for shifting our mindsets around winter can also be used to cope with times of emotional difficulty.

Whether you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or simply find yourself in an annual slump, How to Winter will help you learn to thrive in cold, dark or difficult times.