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Griffin Books presents: A Literary lunch with Kate Mosse

All Saints Church 24/05/2018

Join us for a light lunch and an afternoon with Kate Mosse, author of Labyrinth and Sepulchre, where she will be talking about her new...

Book-ish presents: An evening with Kate Mosse

The Manor Hotel 24/05/2018

Join us for an evening in the company of international bestselling author Kate Mosse as she talks about her highly anticipated new novel,...

Rossiter Books present: An evening with Kate Mosse

Shire Hall 25/05/2018

We are delighted to have arranged an event with Kate Mosse – she’s been on our events wish list for a long time. She will talk about her...

The Bath Festival: Kate Mosse

Bath Literature Festival 26/05/2018

International bestselling author Kate Mosse has sold over five million books in 42 languages. Her latest novel The Burning Chambers takes...

Goodbye Europe event with Kate Mosse at The Bath Festival

Bath Literature Festival 27/05/2018

A unique collection of stories Britain’s most celebrated writers and thinkers, Goodbye Europe spans everything from art, language, and...

Derby Book Festival: Kate Mosse

Derby Book Festival 03/06/2018

International bestselling author Kate Mosse refuses to be categorised, writing award-winning fiction, non-fiction and plays. Working...

City Books present: An evening with Kate Mosse

All Saints Church 07/06/2018

Kate will be speaking about her latest novel, The Burning Chambers which will launch a new series of historical novels charting 300 years...

Borders Book Festival: A Book and a Bottle with kate Mosse and Damian Barr

Borders Book Festival 17/06/2018

Join us in the very fine company of Kate Mosse and Damian Barr as we attempt to find the perfect bottle of wine to match Kate’s new novel...

The Edge of the World Bookshop presents: AN EVENING WITH KATE MOSSE

Acorn Theatre 18/06/2018

Bringing sixteenth-century Languedoc vividly to life, The Burning Chambers is a gripping story of love and betrayal, mysteries and...

The Famouth Bookseller presents: An evening with Kate Mosse

Dolly's Tea Room 19/06/2018

Kate Mosse will be speaking about her new novel, the first in a historical adventure series, The Burning Chambers.

The Padstow Bookseller presents: Literary Lunch with Kate Mosse

St. Petroc’s Bistro 20/06/2018

Join us to hear Kate Mosse speaking about her novel novel, the start of a historical adventure series, The Burning Chambers. Hosted by St...

Wimpole History Festival

Wimpole History Festival 24/06/2018

Kate Mosse’s Languedoc novels, beginning with 2005’s Labyrinth, have sold millions of copies worldwide and been translated into more than...

Chalke Valley History Festival: The Burning Chambers - THE FRENCH WARS OF RELIGION – HUGUENOTS v CATHOLICS

Chalke Valley History Festival 26/06/2018

Kate Mosse will discuss one of the darkest periods in French history. The Wars of Religion began in 1562 and ended, after millions had...

Talks at Six with Kate Mosse

Jubilee Hall 30/06/2018

Kate Mosse, the well known local author, will talk about her writings, and her recently published book, The Burning Chambers. Kate hosts...

Curious Arts Festival

Pylewell Park 22/07/2018