Released on 04 July 2017.

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Are You Sleeping

An Endlessly Twisting Debut Psychological Thriller

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A memory can be imperfect.
The truth is always black and white.

Chuck Buhrman, a much-loved family man, is killed at home at point blank range. It’s a strange, horrifying crime but for the authorities, it’s an act of senseless violence and an open-and-shut case.

Ten years on, his daughter Josie has started afresh in New York, far removed from the tragic events that blew her family apart. No-one knows the truth about her previous life, not even her fiancé.

Investigative journalist Poppy Parnell is convinced the wrong man is in jail for Chuck’s murder and she’s determined to prove it. What starts off as a cult true-crime podcast snowballs into a national phenomenon. Suddenly, everyone in the country has an opinion on the Chuck Buhrman case.

Poppy’s relentless pursuit of the truth threatens to expose decade-old secrets. Josie realises that her father’s murder could have consequences more devastating and far-reaching than she had ever imagined.

‘Tense, clever, addictive’ - Paula Daly, author of The Mistake I Made

'A classic whodunit gets a very modern treatment' - Liz Nugent, author of Lying In Wait

Are You Sleeping is an addictive debut psychological thriller for fans of Serial, Disclaimer and Luckiest Girl Alive.

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I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough . . . a terrific debut
Jenny Blackhurst, author of Before I Let You In
Are You Sleeping will more than likely keep you up all night as this most compelling suspenseful novel unfolds. A classic whodunit gets a very clever modern treatment that left this reader’s heart racing right up to the last page.
Liz Nugent, author of Lying in Wait
Tense, clever, addictive
Paula Daly, author of The Mistake I Made