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The Pillars of the Earth

Book 1 in the series

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Publication date: 05.10.2007
ISBN: 9781405091046
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Set in the turbulent times of 12th century England where civil war, famine, religious strife and battles over royal succession tore lives and families apart, The Pillars of the Earth tells the story of the building of a magnificent cathedral.

Against this richly imagined backdrop, filled with intrigue and treachery, Ken Follett draws the reader irresistibly into a wonderful epic of family drama, violent conflict and unswerving ambition. From humble stonemason to imperious monarch, the dreams, labours and loves of his characters come vividly to life. The Pillars of the Earth is, without doubt, a masterpiece - and has proved to be one of the most popular books of our time.

'This mammoth tale seems to touch all human emotion - love and hate, loyalty and treachery, hope and despair. This is truly a novel to get lost in' Cosmopolitan

'A highly enjoyable tale . . . this book evokes its period brilliantly' Sunday Times