Perfect Little World

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Publication date: 01.06.2017
ISBN: 9781509820702
Number of pages: 0


Aren't the best families the ones we make for ourselves?

Isabelle Pool is fresh out of high school, pregnant with her art teacher's baby, and totally on her own. Izzy knows she can be a good mother but without any money or family to fall back on, she's left searching.

So when she's offered a space in The Infinite Family Project - a utopian ideal funded by an eccentric billionaire - she accepts. Isabelle joins nine other couples, all with children the same age as her newborn son, to raise their children as one extended family in a spacious, secluded compound in Tennessee. But can this experiment really work - or is their 'perfect little world' destined to go horribly wrong?

In the media

Like an animated Edward Gorey cartoon, with a more realistic contemporary setting and a warmer, lighter touch ... Wilson pulls off his sweet-and-tart tone with a soupcon of unexpected spice.
Washington Post
A moving and sincere reflection on what it truly means to become a family.
To the last page, Perfect Little World is a rumination on families—what they can look like, why we need them and how they should be defined. Family is far more than a biological bond; that’s not a groundbreaking idea. But Wilson has found a lovely new way of telling readers something they know by heart.
Houston Chronicles