Released on 14 August 2014.

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The Ploughmen

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Two men - a killer awaiting trial, and a troubled young deputy - sit across from each other in the dark, talking through the bars of a jail cell.

John Gload is so brutally adept at his craft that only now, at the age of seventy-seven, has he faced the prospect of long-term incarceration. Valentine Millimaki, who draws the overnight shift after Gload's arrest, is the man in Copper County sheriff's department tasked with getting the killer to talk about a string of unsolved murders.

With a disintegrating marriage, made worse by the strain of his night duty, and his safety threatened from within his own department, Millimaki finds himself seeking counsel from his prisoner. The strange intimacy of their connection takes a startling turn with a brazen act of violence, a manhunt, and a stunning revelation that leaves Gload's past and Millimaki's future for ever entwined.

Set on the lonesome Montana plains, a landscape as unyielding and raw as it is beautiful, The Ploughmen is a new classic in the literature of the American West.

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An impressive debut, a magnificently dark novel that evocatively depicts the modern American West
Largehearted Boy
We know we are in the hands of a master storyteller from the very first pages of Kim Zupan's powerful, beautifully crafted debut novel The Ploughmen . . . The searing, lyrical prose, relentless violence, and tenuous moments of reprieve are reminiscent of Cormac McCarthy and Flannery O'Connor . . . The disturbing yet quietly redemptive finale to this gripping and psychologically nuanced tale leaves the reader satisfied. Bravo, Mr. Zupan
Montana Quarterly
Mr. Zupan produces pleasurably lush and baroque prose, especially when describing his setting's awesome and unforgiving topography
Wall Street Journal