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Publication date: 10.08.2017
ISBN: 9781509858385
Number of pages: 336


As a little boy Les shared a single room in a Portsmouth boarding house with his mother, his two older brothers and baby sister. The Second World War had just ended, their father was absent and times were hard, but Les felt happy and safe. Until one day his mother disappeared.

Les and his siblings were sent to the Children's Cottage Homes, a Dickensian institution with a harsh regime and violent punishments for breaking the rules. Every weekend, Les waited by the gates, believing his mother would come for him. She never did. Instead he was fostered but was abused and became so disturbed he was returned to the home. Older now, with a close group of friends, he refused to be cowed by the staff.

When Les was sixteen he was finally reunited with his mother - and discovered her betrayal. It took years to overcome the scars of his childhood but eventually he found happiness and success. Then in his sixties he read a story in a newspaper that brought the past crashing back and sent him off on a quest for justice for all those forgotten victims of the Cottage Homes. Powerful and moving, Forgotten is a testament to one man's courage and determination to stand up for what is right.