English Tea Murder

Leslie Meier

10 August 2017
304 pages


Newspaper reporter and mother of three, Lucy Stone, jumps at the chance of a girls' trip to London - it's an opportunity to take a break from her busy family life in the small town of Tinker's Cove, Maine. But when her tour leader, Professor Temple, dies mid-flight, Lucy's glad she packed her sleuthing skills . . .

And things don't get any easier when they land. Professor Quentin Rea, a ladies’ man and former flirt of Lucy’s, arrives to take over the tour and she finds that, while his hairline has receded, his amorous intentions have not. Lucy also begins to notice some peculiar behaviour among other members of the group, and when she discovers all of them have pasts connected to the late Professor Temple, she suspects his death was an elaborate act of revenge. Then another tour member dies, and Lucy is suddenly ensnared in a daring scheme that could lead her to the mastermind of the murders - or make her the next victim. . .

Deaths and mysteries abound in this cozy English outing from New York Times bestseller Leslie Meier.

“I like Lucy Stone a lot, and so will readers.” —Carolyn Hart

"Fans of Murder, She Wrote may want to try this latest in a series that is well written and enjoyable." –The Evansville Courier and Press

“The Lucy Stone mysteries will appeal to fans of domestic mysteries.” —Booklist

“Mothers everywhere will identify with Lucy Stone and the domestic problems she encounters.” —Publishers Weekly

Mothers everywhere will identify with Lucy Stone and the domestic problems she encounters.
Leslie Meier writes with sparkle and warmth