Released on 02 December 2005.

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Let's Go 2006 Europe (ABD)

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Completely revised and updated for 2006, Let's Go Europe is the only choice for the budget traveller. Researched and compiled entirely by students who know first-hand how to see the world on the cheap, this guide has insider tips and information for the socially conscious traveller and is more useful and opinionated than ever.

Europe conjures images of ruins and relics, soaring architectural triumphs, age old traditions and culinary magnificence, but it is also so much more than this. A patchwork continent of varied languages, cultures and landscapes, divided in the past by wars through the ages, it is now drawn together in the first stages of economic and political unity. Europe offers a forward-thinking attitude and a new cultural presence alongside the traditions and timeless architecture for which it is famous.


Detailed maps

Listings at all price levels for accommodation, food, attractions and more

Information on working, studying and volunteering in the region

Time and money saving tips

'Guides that penetrate the veneer of holiday brochures and mine the grit of real life' Economist

'[The] ideal companion for the independent traveller' Sydney Sunday Telegraph