Lightly Poached

Lillian Beckwith

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05 April 2012
160 pages

‘The Lord puts the salmon in the river like he puts the berries on the trees. They’re there for all of us, not just for the laird.’

The way the Bruachites saw it, poaching wasn’t a crime though you did have to keep an eye out for the local police. And it wasn’t just fishermen like Erchy and Hector who were experts – even a visiting vicar had been tempted by the fat salmon that filled the island’s streams and pools.

Like Lillian Beckwith’s other books about life in the Hebrides, Lightly Poached is packed with the enchanting and hilarious adventures of her island friends.

‘A beautiful book this, smelling of earth and sea, carrying the atmosphere of the crofts, and forcing you to laugh aloud’ Oxford Mail

‘Delightfully tangy and stylish’ Sunday Express