Released on 08 March 2018.

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From My Heart

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In March 2017 Linda Nolan was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, and was given the terrible news that it was not curable, though it was treatable. Her first thought was to worry about her family, still grieving the loss of their sister Bernie just a few years earlier. Her second was to think, 'But I'm alive and I'm going to fight it.'

In From My Heart, her honest and moving autobiography, she looks back on her life, taking us from growing up in her big Irish family to finding fame with her sisters in The Nolans and reveals the shocking family secrets and feuds that threatened to tear them apart. She also describes her original battle with breast cancer and how the death of her husband left her deeply depressed, to the point of feeling suicidal. It took years before she recovered, and learned to embrace life again, and even to start dating. As all her plans came crashing down, she found the strength to carry on, to look for happiness in the simple things and enjoy every day.