Still 25 Inside

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'This is a liberating and inspirational read. Lindsey challenges our attitudes and belief systems, and reminds us that being in our 40s, 50s and 60s can be the most exciting time of all.'

-- Janey Lee Grace, author and Radio 2 presenter

Whatever happened to all those dreams you once had? You can remember a time when you thought anything was possible, but now you've reached the mid-point of your life and maybe it feels as if you've left it too late?

Happily you're wrong, and in this book personal development expert Lindsey Agness shows you how you can make every phase of your life as good, or indeed better, than what's gone before.

Whatever it is you desire, this book reveals how changing the way you think and act is the key to living the life you want. You will discover the 8 secrets of happy, successful women, find out what makes you truly happy and learn how to implement lasting change.

If you can't change your age, change your attitude!

About Lindsey Agness

Lindsey Agness is one of the first women to have become an NLP master and she is now head of The Change Corporation, which runs courses and seminars for companies and individuals to help them achieve their full potential. She is a warm and compelling motivational speaker and the author of Lose Weight With NLP, Still 25 Inside and the bestselling Change Your Life with NLP.

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Lose Weight with NLP
Lose Weight with NLP