Released on 17 January 2013.

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Intimate Confessions of Submission

and Alexa Rose

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After yet another disastrous date, this time with a man who cried in bed, all Lisbeth wanted was a partner who was sure of himself, confident. Dominant, even. And that's what she found in the handsome, mysterious D. Their highly-charged relationship opened up her world, teaching her about dominance and submission, and pleasure she could never have imagined. Her friend Alexa, restless after dating several high flyers who bored her with their lack of imagination, is on her own journey. With her bohemian outlook on life and hedonistic streak, she is finally ready to confront her true desires with the charismatic Jack - the sexiest man she's ever seen.

As the two women find themselves falling too deep, they also share their adventures on the scene - its parties and dungeons, fetish and fantasy, described in all their colourful, kinky glory. Shockingly honest, sexy and funny, Untied is an unforgettable story about two strong modern women, and the lengths they're prepared to go to find freedom.