Released on 11 October 2012.

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Talk Do Think Be

Four words. Two personality types. Which one are you and why does it matter?

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In this extraordinary new self-help book you will learn how to decode your personality with a groundbreaking new approach based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology. Personality and mood guru Dr Liz Miller has identified four distinct types based on your behaviour. They are: ‘Talk and Do’, ‘Think and Be’, ‘Think and Do’ and ‘Talk and Be’. So which one are you, and why does it matter?

You'll learn how your personality type is hardwired to think, feel and behave, what drives you forward in personal relationships and what suits you best in the world of work. Then you'll learn how to build on your strengths, turn around your weaknesses and better relate to others. Once you truly understand your personality type, and the types of others, you can improve yourself and all areas of your life.

Praise for Mood Mapping:

'Could treat anxiety, work stress, physical pain and everyday life with all its worries' Sunday Times

'A very practical and positive new book' Telegraph