Villa America

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Publication date: 23.04.2015
ISBN: 9781447288145
Number of pages: 0


Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald, Pablo Picasso, Cole and Linda Porter, Ernest Hemingway, John Dos Passos - all are summer guests of Gerald and Sara Murphy. Visionary, misunderstood, and from vastly different backgrounds, the Murphys met and married young, and set forth to create a beautiful world. They alight on Villa America: their coastal oasis of artistic genius, debauched parties, impeccable style and flamboyant imagination. But before long, a stranger enters into their relationship, and their marriage must accommodate an intensity that neither had forseen. When tragedy strikes, their friends reach out to them, but the golden bowl is shattered, and neither Gerald nor Sara will ever be the same.

Ravishing, heart-breaking, and written with enviable poise, Villa America delivers on all the promise of Klaussmann's bestselling debut. It is an overwhelming, unforgettable novel.

In the media

In Liza Klaussmann's skilled and sensitive new novel, Villa America, the Murphys' famous sociability becomes intriguingly fraught, the expression of a loving, complicated marriage whose intricacies she investigates with the same emotional acumen displayed in her 2012 debut novel, Tigers in Red Weather . . . [An] empathetic, beautifully written novel.
Washington Post
One to read slowly, on a beach in the South of France with sherry in hand.
Press and Journal
An equally tragic and compelling tale . . . The moments of painfully recollected radiance provide confirmation that something precious has been at stake in the tragedy.