Released on 06 March 2009.

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The Twilight Companion

The Unauthorized Guide to the Series

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Everyone's in love with vampires, and if the vampire's name happens to be Edward Cullen, then readers of the wildly popular Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer can't help but be crazy about him. For all those who adore Bella Swan, Edward and the rest of the Cullen family and can't get enough, this companion guide is a must.

The Twilight series follows an unlikely couple: Bella, a teenager, and her boyfriend, Edward, a vampire who has sworn off human blood. Added to the mix is Jacob Black, a werewolf who also loves Bella. Seductive and compelling, the four-book series has become a worldwide phenomenon.

With legends and lore about vampires and werewolves throughout history, insight into the series, quizzes and heaps of fascinating facts, this companion guide will give millions of readers the information that they've been hungering for since book one! And as a special bonus, the companion guide helps readers to determine whether they are compatible with a guy like Edward!

This book has not been authorized or endorsed by Stephanie Meyer, Little, Brown and Company, or anyone involved in the Twilight movie.