Released on 15 August 2013.

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Poo! What IS That Smell?

Everything You Need to Know About the Five Senses

and Glenn Murphy

For ages 6-8
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Glenn Murphy, author of the best-selling Why is Snot Green? tells you everything you've ever wanted to know about the five senses. Find out which animal has the biggest eyes, what's inside your ear-holes, why sweaty socks smell so stinky, why sprouts and ice cream taste so different, why we can touch and feel things, and lots more!

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A sense-ationally interesting read, this book is packed full of facts but with none of the boring bits.
The Surrey Advertiser
I've popped this one on to Harry's bookshelf and I've been picking it up from time to time and reading him a little bit from it. He loves learning interesting facts, and even though he's too little to read it himself I know that it's all going in. I'd definitely recommend this book for the curious child in your life!
The title is perfect for catching children's attention, and the book doesn't disappoint. It is full of really detailed Scientific information, but very readable and entertaining. I am really enjoying reading this book to the children, and I'm learning a lot too! Owl and Monkey both chose to illustrate the reason why zebras have black-and-white stripes. Don't ask me why there are rabbits flying overhead, and animals holding up umbrellas to protect themselves from their droppings. All I can say is that the boys found it very amusing, and I hope it helps them to remember this Science fact!
Caterpillar Tales