Out on 26 October 2023

The Wild Hunt

Lucy Holland

26 October 2023
416 pages


‘Lucy Holland is a brilliantly assured storyteller’ – Molly Flatt

A must-read for fans of Circe and The Bear and the Nightingale

Once an Iceni warchief, Herla was tricked into spending three days in the faery realm. But a century passed for each day she feasted, and when she and her followers emerged, it was to find the Iceni wiped out and Britain overrun. Cursed to bring death to all she meets, Herla now presides over her grim court, dreaming of vengeance.

710 AD. Orphaned and raised in a monastery on the edge of Dumnonia, eighteen-year-old Cryda spends what she believes to be her last days in study – until the night Ine of Wessex slays the king and lays waste to her home.

Desperate to escape, she flees west. But when Cryda loses her way on the moor, it’s Herla who assists her. Herla realizes that to befriend Cryda is to risk the girl’s soul, and yet she finds herself drawn to the young scholar. Together, Herla and Cryda must walk a knife’s edge between the living and the dead, the faery realm and a war-torn land, in an effort to save a kingdom and ultimately their own souls.

The Wild Hunt recasts the folklore of the Erlking into a dark, feminist fantasy set amidst the legends and beauty of ancient Cornwall.