Released on 31 January 2013.

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Pirates Sticker Book: Star Paws

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Ahoy there, me hearties! Come and meet the least darstardly, fluffiest pirate crew in the world in STAR PAWS: PIRATES. Use your stickers to dress the animals in their pirate best, with hats, peg-legs and bushy beards, and get them ready for a swashbuckling adventure. But watch out for the seasick puppies . . .

Nobody can resist an adorable animal - and absolutely nobody can resist an adorable animal in an outfit. In this brilliant new series, with over 200 stickers, you get to choose the outfits and the sillier the better!


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What child can't fall in love with the irresistible furry friends whose adventures get them into all sorts of sticky, stickering spots? And with four new and exciting titles to choose from, these books are guaranteed to keep hands busy and the fun factor on full throttle.
Lancashire Evening Post
The books are ideal for an indoor after school activity to keep the boys out of mischief! I will be buying some as Christmas gifts at rrp. £3.99 each they're great value, and if Father Christmas is reading I think they'd make nice stocking fillers too!
I think the idea is slightly bonkers but it completely works and my children have been laughing hysterically at their creations
The Gingerbread House